SIMBR Neck Shoulder and Back Massager With Car Power Adapter and Power Adapter for Home Office Car

Pain relieve-For long-term sedentery cause pain nervious person.Effecient to relieve pain with the special design of 8 rotating massage heads. Bracelet parts design-You can put the hand on the other hand inside the ring to adjust the pressing force. The


Additional Information

Material: PU fabric 
Operating Voltage&Power Consumption: DC 12V 
Rated Power: 24W 
Massage head speed: Slow 28 turns / min; 34 fast laps / min; 
Timer: 15 minutes 
Strap Size: 50 * 13 * 2cm 
Massage area size: 33 * 16 * 10cm

Key features 
Speed switch: adjust the massage speed 
Power switch: reversing switch / switch 
heating on / off

Package Included: 
1x Shiatsu Kneading massager 
1x Car power adapter 
1x 12V power adapter 
1x User's Manual
Tips:The heating temperature doesn't exceed 45 degrees,so its heating function may be not that obvious in winter.